A downloadable game for Windows

My first Ludum Dare game! :) yay!

W, A, S, D - Movement (also arrow keys if I remember correctly)
E - Go near bed to rest (and hold E), reduces fatigue
Go near front of the monitor and press numbers (0 to 9) according to the audio (robotic voice) you hear.

At first I thought this is about navigator on a large ship that has to input numbers that are told him. Otherwise ship will fly into black hole or something similar catastrophic happens that you'd expect on interstellar, FTL vessels if navigation screws up but... I think this is more of an mystery game? I have no idea. I have no idea if this happens on a ship or ... somewhere else...

Anyways, you have to input numbers told to you at correct order... and remember to rest!

Possible issues (ones that I am aware of):
-Game restart on game over might be bugged. Might. It was last thing I made and I did not test it thoroughly.
-Max score you can reach at the moment is 120...

I might continue working on this game. I had other ideas for it that I simply did not have time to make (and even stuff that I did is rather wonky and rushed)... For example, player art is placeholder which I grew fond of and decided that it was not top priority to replace.

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Published 284 days ago
Tagsinput, Ludum Dare 37, Mystery, scifi
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Install instructions

Download and unpack .zip -file.

Leave a comment if you are having trouble.


TheNavigatorium.zip (35 MB)

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