-Arrow keys to rotate around the box/aquarium universe.


Replicating Lifeforms (turquoise dots that leave white trail) randomly go about and if resources (light brown rocks/beads) come within sight range of a lifeform and resources are needed, they will go collect it.

Lifeforms have traits like speed, replication speed, sight range etc. some of them are always randomized on start/replication, some are inherited from parent lifeform.

World/universe is functional so that as lifeforms use up resources, world/universe returns slowly over time used resources back to collectible resource rocks/beads. World also should over long period of time develope a new lifeform out of a resource bead but currently this is very long period of time so it might be boring to wait for.

Currently, most of the time lifeforms will eat themselves to extinction, depending on if they happen upon enough resources to keep themselves from dying of hunger before that.

This is finished prototype. I am working on expansion of this project which will be very different from this one, so much so I decided to preserve this one and rename it to "Aquariumerse".

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